Monday, 17 October 2011

How to Write Message on Facebook

The development of the computer has made social exchanges easier. Even people, who had never known each other personally, have come together for the first time with the aid of the computer and the Internet. Facebook is one of the major social networking sites available and is constantly gaining popularity.

Facebook provides an excellent platform for keeping in touch through messages with your near and dear ones, ex-colleagues, friends and others you feel like keeping in touch with, though they may be thousands of miles away. The one big advantage is that one can log in at any time and leave his messages on a friend’s wall.

After opening your Internet browser, type Create your own account by filling in the simple online form. After acceptance by your friends, you are ready for messaging. First, sign up on your Facebook account through the use of your e-mail address and password, then click on the profile of the friend you wish to message, and thereafter, click on the “message” button and a screen with a small pop-up will appear. You can now go ahead in typing your message in the message box. There is also an option for attaching a picture or file. Click “Send” and your message will be delivered.

Messages for Sympathy Cards

A sympathy card is written to friends, relatives, colleagues or business associates to communicate your feelings on the bereavement of someone near and dear to them. The messages of a sympathy card should reflect your concern, understanding and compassion for the person addressed to and need not be elaborate. Apart from this, a sympathy card can also be sent to convey your concern on a major misfortune or an event that has caused great grief to somebody close to you. It can turn out to be the most meaningful act of compassion and kindness, having a long-lasting effect on the grieving person.

Persons who have been bereaved or have had to face major misfortunes have often been heard to say that these sympathy cards or notes are one of their most treasured mementos of that difficult time. These cards become tangible reminders of the families and friends who cared about them and their loved ones during the difficult period that they had to pass through. They may go through these letters over and over again to feel the concern and support that had been conveyed through these cards or notes, reminding them that the loss had affected others too.

While writing out a sympathy card, you must consider these points. The Internet can also provide sample messages for guidance.