Monday, 17 October 2011

How to Write Message on Facebook

The development of the computer has made social exchanges easier. Even people, who had never known each other personally, have come together for the first time with the aid of the computer and the Internet. Facebook is one of the major social networking sites available and is constantly gaining popularity.

Facebook provides an excellent platform for keeping in touch through messages with your near and dear ones, ex-colleagues, friends and others you feel like keeping in touch with, though they may be thousands of miles away. The one big advantage is that one can log in at any time and leave his messages on a friend’s wall.

After opening your Internet browser, type Create your own account by filling in the simple online form. After acceptance by your friends, you are ready for messaging. First, sign up on your Facebook account through the use of your e-mail address and password, then click on the profile of the friend you wish to message, and thereafter, click on the “message” button and a screen with a small pop-up will appear. You can now go ahead in typing your message in the message box. There is also an option for attaching a picture or file. Click “Send” and your message will be delivered.

Messages for Sympathy Cards

A sympathy card is written to friends, relatives, colleagues or business associates to communicate your feelings on the bereavement of someone near and dear to them. The messages of a sympathy card should reflect your concern, understanding and compassion for the person addressed to and need not be elaborate. Apart from this, a sympathy card can also be sent to convey your concern on a major misfortune or an event that has caused great grief to somebody close to you. It can turn out to be the most meaningful act of compassion and kindness, having a long-lasting effect on the grieving person.

Persons who have been bereaved or have had to face major misfortunes have often been heard to say that these sympathy cards or notes are one of their most treasured mementos of that difficult time. These cards become tangible reminders of the families and friends who cared about them and their loved ones during the difficult period that they had to pass through. They may go through these letters over and over again to feel the concern and support that had been conveyed through these cards or notes, reminding them that the loss had affected others too.

While writing out a sympathy card, you must consider these points. The Internet can also provide sample messages for guidance.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Subliminal Messages May be Beneficial to You

To understand the benefits of subliminal messages, we should have an idea about subliminal messages first. Subliminal messages are hidden messages which most of the times are not recognized by human consciousness. They are often misunderstood and people consider them deceptive. People come across subliminal messages all the time but they fail to realize their significance. These messages can appear on television commercials, videos, audios or personal e-mails. But only our sub-conscious mind is capable of recognizing the signals or messages they convey. They play an essential role in leaving an impact on a person’s mind and also sometimes influence people. Keep reading to know how subliminal messages can be beneficial.

It’s a proven science that subliminal messages are very useful and beneficial for people. Hearing seminal messages in audio CDs or mp3 can help you to improve your personality, invigorate positive energies within yourself and increase your confidence level. It also builds up one’s self -esteem. The benefits are not limited to just that. These messages are also proved to be very useful in convincing a person to buy a particular product or commodity. This tactic is used in many advertisements to increase the sale of their products. It sometimes works as a therapy for some people who are undergoing a lot of stress and complications in their lives. Subliminal messages are never lengthy and save lot of your time too. These messages help a person grow mentally and emotionally. If you are interested, you can look for some of the examples of subliminal messages on Google or YouTube.

Festival SMS Messages

Different kinds of festivals are observed throughout the year. Festivals bring people close. A person yearns to come back home and spend time with his/her family and friends during festivals. But due to our busy schedule we are often unable to attend social gatherings and family get together that are organized during festivals. That’s when we need festival SMS messages. They are short, simple and warm wishes which can be easily sent from one’s cellphone to another’s.One needs to devote some amount of time in order to send an e-card or a courier. Sending messages are not time consuming at all. It just takes few seconds to type a message and send it.

Festival SMS messages are the best way of spreading joy, love and warm wishes to our near and dear ones. After all the importance of festivals in our life lie in celebrating them in a meaningful way by spreading joy to one and all. Festival SMS messages help in connecting a person to another in any part of the country or world; yes SMS messages are that convenient and a lot cheaper than call rates too.There are several websites that contain a wide variety of interesting and funny festival messages. One can easily get access to those websites and browse through their collections. You can find messages for all types of festivals and occasions there and can choose whichever one you like.

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Monday, 18 July 2011

Messages and mobile phones- an art of writing and caring

Mobile phones have become a necessity for life in today’s world and receiving messages have become a habit for all of us. In fact we are so much dependent on mobile phones these days that we can hardly imagine a life without them. Imagine what a sample message can do to us. It can make us happy and at the same time it can depress us. In other words messages control our life by exposing our feelings to our friends and family. 

A lovely good morning messages from your beloved will make your day, when you miss your friends and they message you saying they miss you too, how special do you feel? After a long fight with your boy friend you receive a sorry message at the end and that solves every problem between both of you. If you know the right way to put your feelings then a sample message can work wonders for you. 

Especially when you are not able to confess certain things verbally, messages are the best medium to blurt out your secrets or hidden truths which might remain unsaid otherwise. Messages can be a wonderful pastime as well as performs the significant function of a mediator. It is not just a piece of writing but a lot more.

How to impress someone with sweet messages

Is your girlfriend mad at you? Do you want to impress the guy you like in your class? Messages are one of the effective ways which helps you to mend a broken heart or to attract someone towards you. You can match your messages with your purpose. These sample messages are available in different varieties for different occasions. Now you can express your hidden desires just by writing it down to your beloved. If your are afraid to speak it out then the best possible way to let your feelings out is through these samples messages. 

Love messages are the most common genre but there are messages catering to a host of moods, such as there are sorry messages, messages to congratulate, get well soon messages, festival greetings, birthday messages and other such heart soothing messages. In this life where everyone is busy with their own problems a simple message says how much you care for your loved ones. Messages are a very simple way to being happiness in your life. Be it a one line message or a paragraph, every line speaks. No matter how busy you are, you will be able to maintain a healthy and happy relationship with all your acquaintances let alone your loved ones.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sample messages

-Mom, you are one of a kind.  I would be nothing without all the love you have given me. 
You are the best mom in the world.  I thank God everyday for making you my mother. 
Words cannot express how much I love you, mom.  Thanks for all the love and care. 
You were always there for me through all the joy and sorrow, triumphs and defeats, good days and bad.  I will always be there for you, too.  I love you mom. 

-For being a friend, teacher, chef, mother, and many more to me – thank you mom.  I will forever be grateful. 
You are the most understanding, caring, loving, wonderful, and beautiful mom.  Happy Mother’s Day.  
Whenever I need a shoulder to cry on, you are there to cheer me up.  Whenever I need a helping hand, you reach out.  Whenever I need a friend to share my joy and my sorrows, you are always beside me.  I cannot thank you enough except by saying I love you, mom. 

-Thank you mom for never giving up on me.  You have made me what I am today.   
I hope today would be as special as you are, mom.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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Sample Messages for Mother’s Day

A mother’s love is unparalleled.  From giving birth up to caring for their children, a mother endures pain and hardship but never gives up.  A mother is willing to sacrifice everything just for her children.   
It is but proper for mothers to be remembered and celebrated through Mother’s Day.  It is a time for us to give back the love our mother has given us and make it a special and happy day for her. 

If we are not able to give our mother a gift on Mother’s Day, giving her a message is a simple yet sincere way of thanking her and showing her how much we love her.  If you are not good with words, some sample messages below could help you.  These Sample messages are simple, but you can use them as a reference in writing your message.  Make these sample messages more creative by formulating them in your own words.     

Graduation Thank you messages

Graduation Thank you messages
Hearty congratulations, on being a graduate. You have a whole new world waiting at your doorstep. So grab every opportunity that comes your way and put your best foot forward to excel in all that you do. But, you should first thank all the people who had attended the graduation ceremony or those who have given you special gifts. Thank them all by sending them graduation thank you messages.  
Sample Graduation Thank You messages: 
  • Dear mommy and daddy, it feels a little odd writing a message to you both. But, I want to thank you both for helping me financially. Now, I am all prepared to join work and make both of you proud. I also want to admit that I had a lot of fun while learning. I have made some very good friends who are extremely supportive. I hope that I am able to fulfill all your expectations.

  • My dear aunt and Uncle, thanks for remembering my graduation day. And I love the wonderful watch that you have given me. I wanted to replace my old watch for a long time now. The watch will come of great use once I start going to work from the next month.

  • I want to thank you both Julie and Andrew for attending my graduation day. You had to take so much pain to drive for a 100 miles. And it was great to hear you both cheer. Julie, I know I have heard you cheer my name aloud. And thanks, for the wonderful gift certificate too.

  • Thank you so much Mrs. Moore. I am now a graduate and I owe all its credits to you. I appreciate all the help that you have given me throughout my college. You were extremely patient in explaining the science chapters to me. And, you made it enjoyable too.  


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Romantic Good Night Messages

Romantic good night messages are sent by the lovers to greet each other at night. Such messages can be a quote, drafted phrases and love poetry to please the loved one. 

Sample Romantic Good Night Messages:
  • A day is going to end; it is nice to be with you till the end!  Darling Susan! Today, I have enjoyed every moment of my day with you than I have ever enjoyed. Thank you so much for spending your full day with me. Love you and good night! 
  • Do not ever count what have you lost, it will never happen again!  Think of the present and make a wish, It is going to grant every gift! 
  • Hey Peter! I saw you depressed today was little painful for me. As being in a relationship with a companion like you, I really felt bad.  Have a great time and go off to sleep. Yours forever, Anna! 
  • Hello Jonnie! You are the most loving and beautiful person in my life. Thanks a ton for being with me.  Love you a lot. Good Night! 
  • Shut down your sleepy eyes, Think of me! Log on to my sweet memories, Download some dream! Upload all of your joys; Delete all of your sorrows!  Dear Jenny! I know you are still awake and reading my message with your heavy eyes. Lots of love and hugs! Have a sound sleep. Yours Love, William!  
  • This message is not just to wish you Good Night but to tell you that I love you a lot and will do so till my last breath. Goodnight my love!!!!

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