Thursday, 14 April 2011

Romantic Good Night Messages

Romantic good night messages are sent by the lovers to greet each other at night. Such messages can be a quote, drafted phrases and love poetry to please the loved one. 

Sample Romantic Good Night Messages:
  • A day is going to end; it is nice to be with you till the end!  Darling Susan! Today, I have enjoyed every moment of my day with you than I have ever enjoyed. Thank you so much for spending your full day with me. Love you and good night! 
  • Do not ever count what have you lost, it will never happen again!  Think of the present and make a wish, It is going to grant every gift! 
  • Hey Peter! I saw you depressed today was little painful for me. As being in a relationship with a companion like you, I really felt bad.  Have a great time and go off to sleep. Yours forever, Anna! 
  • Hello Jonnie! You are the most loving and beautiful person in my life. Thanks a ton for being with me.  Love you a lot. Good Night! 
  • Shut down your sleepy eyes, Think of me! Log on to my sweet memories, Download some dream! Upload all of your joys; Delete all of your sorrows!  Dear Jenny! I know you are still awake and reading my message with your heavy eyes. Lots of love and hugs! Have a sound sleep. Yours Love, William!  
  • This message is not just to wish you Good Night but to tell you that I love you a lot and will do so till my last breath. Goodnight my love!!!!

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