Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sample Messages for Mother’s Day

A mother’s love is unparalleled.  From giving birth up to caring for their children, a mother endures pain and hardship but never gives up.  A mother is willing to sacrifice everything just for her children.   
It is but proper for mothers to be remembered and celebrated through Mother’s Day.  It is a time for us to give back the love our mother has given us and make it a special and happy day for her. 

If we are not able to give our mother a gift on Mother’s Day, giving her a message is a simple yet sincere way of thanking her and showing her how much we love her.  If you are not good with words, some sample messages below could help you.  These Sample messages are simple, but you can use them as a reference in writing your message.  Make these sample messages more creative by formulating them in your own words.     

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